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The first ever site for Mar Vista information, plus tees and gifts showing our Mar Vista pride, and evoking what makes it the special place it is! The weather, the community, the small-town feel inside a big city... Yeah, we love it.

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What's Happening in Mar Vista

microtransit pilot in West LA

Microtransit is Coming to Mar Vista!

On March 7, LADOT Transit will launch a one-year pilot project for a convenient neighborhood shuttle ("microtransit")to take people around ...
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“Braking” News: Ciclavia Returns to Mar Vista

The annual Los Angeles/Culver City Ciclavia event will take place March 3, bringing thousands of visitors, both wheeled and on ...
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Next Mar Vista Art Walk March 7

The Mar Vista Art Walk Will Celebrate the Cultural"Roots" Our Community Stems From They're also bringing in guest art curators ...
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What the Heck is Mar Vista?

Mar Vista is a California neighborhood enclave sandwiched between Venice and Culver City. Decades ago it was known for its lima bean fields, and later a sleepy neighborhood many didn't know about. In fact, if you sneezed on your way to Venice Beach you'd have missed it.

Now it's a community attracting visitors to our shops, restaurants, farmers market, art walk, recreation center and most of all, the friendly people who live here.

We Mar Vistans think it's pretty special.

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